Bubblegum and Death Metal (BGDM) is a feminist art platform and collective started by Samantha Yap and Stephanie Burt. It hopes to foster collaboration and kinship amongst female creatives.

Writeup taken from BGDM
A reiteration of the essay title "Bubblegum and Heavy Metal" by Frances Gateward in Sugar Spice and Everything Nice: Cinemas of Girlhood, focusing on Japanese animation with leading girl characters and alternative views on power—BGDM aims to explore the subtle shifts of identities in and between girls, which range from similar soft exteriors to deadly constructs. These shifts that impel them to act in a vast array of contradictory behaviors which occasionally pass into rebellion and a deep need to assert their individual autonomy.

The BGDM identity is one that occupies dual seemingly contradictory positions—it is vivacious yet approachable, friendly but rebellious and relatable but individualistic. For the namecards, the logo uses resembles a sign-off and the namecards double as note cards, love letters and forget me nots, which makes the namecard more casual.

If you're interested to find out more about BGDM and their upcoming events, you can head over here and here.

BGDM X is a series of collaborative events hosted by BGDM that invites female creatives along for sharing sessions and discussions.

BGDM published their first zine mid 2018. The theme of the first issue is sharing. With that in mind, I wanted the zine's format to be easily accessible. As a self-funded group, the budget is limited, so the design has to work within the budgt’s parameters. I wanted the zine to portray BGDM's personality. I proposed using a colored pink paper, with black and white printing on the inside. This has a distinctive look and feel while keeping to the budget.

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