The Birthday Book: The Roads We Take
2018 Edition
Published for The Birthday Collective by Pagesetters / Ethos Books

The Birthday Book is a book for every year in Singapore. For 2018’s edition, the prompt that was given to the 53 contributors was “The Roads We Take”.

I was tasked to propose and design the book design. The book pays homage to Singapore with use of her national colors. The cover represents the different roads that the writers take and how they converge at this junction, in the book.

The divider pages are simplified maps. I was inspired by the idea of “mapping out your life” that I found prevalent in some stories. There are four points in the maps that corresponds to the four chapters, the current chapter is highlighted with an (✖) for destination, while the other chapters appear as landmarks (◆) which also refers to turning points in life. As you progress further within the book, the map subtly changes with each introduction of a new chapter, reflecting on how when we look back at our lives, we don't see things in the same light and how no one road is the same forever.

For the individual story titles, the red and white graphic device mimics the Singapore flag.

The book is available to purchase from The Birthday Collective or Ethos Books.

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