This Is What Inequality Looks Like
Teo You Yenn
Published by Ethos Books

I was tasked to propose and design a book cover for This Is What Inequality Looks Like. I wanted to convey how inequality lies behind closed doors and communicate the experience of something that may not make its presence explicit but still lurks in the “interiors of our hours and minutes of a day”.

For this concept, the book cover would be a translucent paper. This play on visibility calls into question the representation of inequality as something that is embedded in the everyday but hidden behind a smokescreen of comfort and Singaporean modernity. It also suggests how inequality is both "there" and "not there" — something that is very material and yet often camouflaged or disregarded.

The book has consistently been on the local bestseller list and has been featured on The Straits Times. If you're interested to find out more/to purchase the book, you can head over here. This Is What Inequality Looks Like is also available for purchase at Kinokuniya, Popular, Times and other major bookstores.

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