Naps punctuate the to-and-fro momentum of life.

Sometimes, we believe that reality can wait.

Sandglass is a personal and ambient nap assistant that carefully
measures moments of silvery shuteye so that you wake punctually.

A nap alarm that ensures you meet reality on time.

Sandglass is designed to be dark, quiet and simple. The Sandglass experience is one that is gentle on sleepy eyes with its monochromatic UI, slow visual fades and gradient borders. 

Like the “hourglass” which its named after, Sandglass measures time. Watching sand trickle down made the passage of time felt peaceful and that is how Sandglass aims to be—quiet, calm and meditative.

Sandglass can also be used for other purposes such as productivity (timeboxing), yoga (perfect for shavasana) and meditation. 📝🌙

As of July 2018, Sandglass has achieved over 1,000 downloads in the Google Play store. You can download it here.

Read the backstory of Sandglass here. Check out Sandglass’ website here and keep up to date with Sandglass via Facebook and Instagram.

Photos taken by Gabriel Rafael Ang (@milkbaconramen).

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