To promote travel for 2018 Fall/Winter , UNIQLO Singapore presented a play titled Modest Travels. Produced by Tan Kheng Hua and written by Euginia Tan, Modest Travels is a theatre play inspired by four user-submitted travel stories.

I was tasked to propose the design of the programme booklet. I proposed a 16pp saddle-stitch landscape booklet. The plays are intended to be seen as one long piece that is linked together, hence the landscape format reflects that continuity.

When designing and planning layout for content, I kept in mind the vibe of the play and the design shouldn't be too bold or loud.

I’ve designed a simple flight plan on the second page of the booklet that guides viewers along the four destinations. The flight plan is divided into four regions (the plays in chronological order). I wanted a consistent graphic device and designed something inspired by flight plans on planes and wayfinding symbols seen on Google Maps.

The graphic device is carried on throughout the other pages. In each of the stories page, the current "destination" is marked red while the others are faded out.

To learn more details of the play, you can go here.

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